Course Description

Customers are looking for experienced organizations with cost-effective solutions to perform their work. They use Past Performance information to make informed decisions when selecting a contractor for a project.

This module presents a process to develop highly compliant and compelling Past Performance responses. This component of your proposal presents evidence of your organization's expertise and competence to deliver future work.

Designed for individuals responsible for preparing the Past Performance response and the alignment of your experience to the project you are bidding on.

What you will learn

  • How to align your contract experience with the opportunity you are bidding on

  • Analyze and prepare proposal references to maximize evaluation ratings.

  • Learn the difference between Corporate experience and Past Performance

  • How to organize your Past Performance references in a Proposal Knowledge Library

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to Past Performance Excellence

    2. Navigating the Module

    3. About this Module

    1. Past Performance Terminology

    1. Activity - Case Study

    2. Download Case Study

    3. Activity - Case Study 2

    1. Past Performance Excellence Overview

    2. Past Performance vs Corporate Experience

    3. Past Performance vs Corporate Experience (Use bullet section as Klara)

    4. Where to find Past Performance Instructions

    1. Selecting Past Performance References

    2. Selecting your References

    3. Explaining the Past Performance Template

    4. Demonstration of PP template population using previously written Scope statement and PWS content

    5. Activity - Build a Past Performance Reference

    6. Customize PP template for this Case Study

    1. Activity - Write a Scope Statement

    2. Activity - Write a Project Description

    3. Activity - Past Performance Template

    4. Activity - Past Performance Excellence

About this course

  • 24 lessons
  • Video Presentations
  • Resource Library
  • Discussion Board

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