Course description

To stand out in this competitive market, businesses must develop proposals that showcase your organization's highly similar experience delivering products or services. The Past Performance element of your proposal response is a critical component of your proposal, and demonstrating a strong track record of success and alignment with the federal customer's needs can significantly enhance your chances of being awarded the project. Crafting an effective past performance response is a crucial component of your proposal development process.

The success of your proposal often hinges on the ability to demonstrate a track record of past performance that aligns closely with the requirements of your potential customer. Well written past performance content aligned to the project you are bidding on strengthens your evaluation scores, instill confidence in your organization's capabilities, and increase the likelihood of securing the contracts.

In this course, you will develop analytical skills to review your contracts to identify your most compelling past performance references to effectively highlight your organization's capabilities and history of success. By understanding and effectively utilizing the past performance section in your proposal, you increase your chances of being selected for a project or contract.


Course objectives

  • Understand the role of past performance references in proposal evaluations.

  • Learn how to select which references best align with the contract you are bidding on

  • Review contract requirements for Past Performance.

  • Analyze past performance data using a matrix and align with bid requirements.

  • Develop clear scope statements and contract descriptions.

  • Learn to present your contract experience in a reusable format in template.

Course overview

What you will learn

Learn how to align your contract experience with bidding opportunities, prepare Past Performance references using templates, understand the difference between Corporate Experience and Past Performance.

Who this course is for

Designed for individuals responsible for proposal management or technical writing for the past performance response including references and corporate capabilities for your organization.


Prior to starting this course, learners need to have  basic MS Word Skills and we recommend learners complete  Proposal Development: Core Skills to Win New Business.

Course Format

This course consists of a series of lessons, activities, templates, and resources. At the end of the course there is a Past Performance FAQ and a quiz to test your learning for the content for this topic.

Learning outcomes

Effectively showcase your organization’s past performance in proposals.

Course curriculum

  1. Introduction

  2. Course Materials

  3. Ch 1 - Overview

  4. Ch 2 - Analyze Requirements

  5. Ch 3 - Plan your Response

  6. Ch 4 - Write your Content

About this course

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