Course description

Having a centralized knowledge library allows for efficient content retrieval, saves time in proposal development, ensures consistency, and reduces errors, enabling a well-organized and stress-free process that enhances the quality and competitiveness of the proposal.

Reduce the cost to bid through content management.

Proposal Knowledge Library provides a centralized location for storing and sharing information, expertise, and best practices within your organization. By having a knowledge library, information can be easily accessed and shared among team members, which helps to improve efficiency, reduce duplication of effort, and promote consistency in the way information is presented.

Designed to build your understanding of knowledge management principles to organize, archive and retrieve high quality proposal content.

Proven success

The numbers don't lie

Our services and training have been proven to reduce the time to develop proposals.


Course objectives

  • Understand the value of a Knowledge Management Library to reduce cost and save time.

  • Leverage proven systems to gain control of valuable corporate proposal content and resources.

  • Create a centralized content repository of submitted proposals, reuse materials, graphics, logos and images.

  • Bring efficiencies with templates to standardize content.

  • Understand best practices and guidelines for content management to maintain proposal consistency and quality.

Course overview

What you will learn

Learn effective knowledge management techniques for streamlining the proposal development process and reduce the cost to bid.

Who this course is for

Designed for individuals responsible for proposal management or knowledge management and subject matter experts (SMEs) for your organization.


Prior to starting this course, learners need to have Basic MS Word Skills and we recommend learners complete Proposal Development: Core Skills to Win New Business and Write & Edit Persuasive Proposals.

Course Format

This course consists of a series of lessons, templates, and activities. AAt the end of the course there is a Build your Knowledge Library FAQ and a quiz to test your learning for the content for this topic.

Learning outcomes

Implement effective knowledge management techniques to streamline the proposal development process.

Course curriculum

  1. Introduction

  2. Course Materials

  3. Build your Master Library Structure

  4. Ch 1 - Overview

  5. Ch 2 - Archive your Submitted Proposals

  6. Ch 3 - Build your Past Performance Library

About this course

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  • Case Study
  • Activities