Course Description

This module focuses on developing desktop publishing and formatting skills to enhance the presentation of your proposals and supporting documents.

Designed for individuals responsible for proposal management, technical writing, and the presentation of proposal content for your organization.

What you will learn

  • Apply styles and powerful techniques to better control and polish your documents

  • Learn industry best practices for proposal formatting

  • Improve content quality and positively impact evaluators

  • Optimize MS Word to build your proposal responses

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to Desktop Publish your Proposals

    2. Navigating the Module

    3. About this Module

    1. DTP Terminology

    1. Design your Proposal Workspace

    2. Activity 0 - Set up your Workspace

    1. Proposal Templates

    2. Proposal Template Overview

    3. Master Plan Template

    4. Cover Page Master Template

    5. Proposal Style Guide Template

    1. Desktop Publishing Overview

    2. What is Desktop Publishing? - bring in pdf of the slides

    3. What is Desktop Publishing (from PPT)

    4. Copy of What is Desktop Publishing (from PPT)

    5. Origins of Desktop Publishing - Bring in pdf

    6. Origins of Desktop Publishing (from PPT)

    7. How do we present better formatted documents?

    8. How do we present better formatted documents? (from PPT)

    9. Styles

    10. What are Styles?

    11. What are Styles? (from PPT)

    12. Fonts

    13. Fonts (from PPT)

    14. Formatting Best Practices

    15. Types of Documents

    1. DTP Workflow

    2. Activity 1 - Setup your Template

    3. Activity 2 - Instructions for Styling your Content

    4. Activity 3 - Instructions for Building an Outline

    5. Sample Content for your Activities

    6. Activity 4 - Instructions for Importing Proposal Content

    7. Activity 5 - Instructions for Covers & Front Matter

About this course

  • 36 lessons
  • Video Presentations
  • Resource Library
  • Discussion Board