Course description

Effective staffing and corporate resources to a contract is essential for project success. Customers review the experience of your Key Personnel and technical team to determine if your organization is qualified. Properly staffing the contract shows your ability to assemble a qualified team, meet project requirements, and deliver on time, ultimately enhancing the proposal's competitiveness and increasing the likelihood of winning the contract.

This course is develops your ability to prepare a strong staffing plan for the contract you are bidding on. Learn the elements of an integrated staffing approach that presents your organization's key personnel, functional team, and corporate resources to support the project.

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Course objectives

  • Understand the importance of an effective Staffing Plan for project execution.

  • Identify and understand staffing needs in a Request For Proposal (RFP).

  • Evaluate key personnel requirements and qualifications.

  • Align staffing plan with project requirements.

  • Prepare resumes using templates to document the experience and qualifications of your Key Personnel.

  • Develop a master organization chart that reflects functional organization and corporate resources.

Course overview

What you will learn

Learn how to present your personnel's experience effectively, using resume templates and building a Resume library within your Proposal Knowledge Library, for bidding on opportunities.

Who this course is for

Designed for individuals responsible for proposal management, technical writing your staffing plan and the preparation of resumes for your organization.


Prior to starting this course, learners need to have Basic MS Word Skills and we recommend learners complete the Proposal Development: Core Skills to Win New Business.

Course Format

This course consists of a series of lessons, templates, and activities. At the end of the course there is a Staff your Contract FAQ and a quiz to test your learning for the content for this topic.

Learning outcomes

Optimize resources and identify the right talent for successful proposal execution.

Course curriculum

  1. Introduction

  2. Course Resources

  3. Ch 1 - Overview

  4. Ch 2 - Selecting your Resumes

  5. Ch 3 - Activities

  6. Ch 4 - Build your Staffing Plan Library

About this course

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